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What Physicians Should Expect of Personal Wealth Managers:
Five Factors to Consider in Today's Volatile Market

By Michael A. Cano and Chris Busby

In a world of volatile stock markets and increasing challenges to the medical profession as a whole, many physicians—regardless of their income—lack the necessary time or information needed to achieve and maintain long-term financial well-being for themselves and their families. If, as a physician, you want to ensure that you and your family are financially taken care of and able to achieve your major life goals, it makes eminent sense for you to work with a qualified wealth manager, that is, not just any stockbroker or financial advisor, but a personal wealth manager who will serve as your family's dedicated chief financial officer …

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Physician's Exploratory Guide
Brought to you by: Cano Wealth Strategies & CFG Wealth Management

The purpose of this exploratory guide is to help you identify a personal wealth manager that can provide solutions to help protect what you have worked so hard to achieve.

This process should assist in reducing the amount of time that would normally be required to find the appropriate individual and firm. Before making any formal commitments or even if you are reconsidering your current arrangement there are five key factors to consider when evaluating a personal wealth manager …

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Physician's Wealth Protection Checklist
Presented by Cano Wealth Strategies, LLC

In our litigious society, wealth protection is a top priority for many business owners and medical professionals who wish to protect their business and personal assets from exposure to risk. Most businesses can be structured to isolate liability risks, but personal assets can be more challenging to protect. Three basic strategies involve the use of insurance, statutory protection, and asset titling, with insurance as the first line of defense. You may need more sophisticated planning involving trusts and other entities depending on your personal situation …

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